Apricot Kernel Oil

Apricot Kernel Oil contains highly valuable oleic acid(OMEGA-9), linoleic acid (OMEGA-6), alpha-linolenic acid (OMEGA-3),vitamin E and vitamin A. Due to its structure, it is best known for cosmetics and pharma use. It exhibits positive effects on skin-related aging, skin care and wounds.

Meykon offers both conventional and unrefined versions of this product.

Cherry Kernel Oil

Sour Cherry Kernel Oil has an elegant marzipan aroma and a slightly fruity note.

It contains polyunsaturated fatty acids such as OMEGA-6 and OMEGA-9, as well as ALPHA-ESA. It is a natural source of antioxidants and vitamin E and is acclaimed for its effects as a skin moisturizer, anti-inflammatory and, when it is unrefined,as a culinary addition.

Use mainly used in the cosmetics industry for skin applications and skin care, and in the food industry for gastro-culinary meals, Meykon can offer both conventional and organic unrefined versions of this product.

Pomegranate Seed Oil

Oil from pomegranate seeds has mildly acidic taste that quickly disappears when blended with mixtures. It contains Vitamins A, B, D, E as well as the minerals potassium and magnesium. It contains flavonoids and punicic acid which is also known as Omega - 5, and has been in use for health care applications. Acclaimed benefits are that rejuvenates aging skin, deeply moisturizes the skin, helps to reduce wrinkles, and contains anti-oxidants, exhibit anti-inflammatory effects.

Orange Peel Oil

Meykon’s Orange Cold Pressed Oil is completely natural and is obtained from the peel of fruits gathered through a cold-pressed mechanical process without any thermal treatments. To maintain its properties, we pack it in drums immediately after its extraction.

Refrigeration is recommended for the oil to maintain its quality. Its aroma is mainly used for cosmetics purposes.

Lemon Peel Oil

Completely natural and is obtained from the peel of lemons, Lemon Peel Oil is used to generate aroma in cosmetic products. No thermal treatments are used during the mechanical production process. To guarantee maximum quality, it is packed in drums immediately after its extraction. Refrigeration is recommended for the oil to maintain its quality.

Grapefruit Peel Oil

Commonly known for its sour and tangy taste, grapefruit is the rotund, yellow-orange fruit of an evergreen citrus tree. Grapefruit essential oil is derived from the rind of this fruit and is cherished for its many uses and benefits. The aroma of Grapefruit essential oil matches the citrus and fruity flavors of its origin and provides an invigorating and energizing aroma.

Tangerine Peel Oil

Tangerine essential oil supports healthy digestion and metabolism when used internally. Tangerine oil has a sweet, tangy aroma, similar to other citrus oils, that is uplifting. Tangerine oil is known for its cleansing properties, and for supporting a healthy immune and respiratory system when ingested. A popular and flavorful addition to desserts and drinks—from water to fruit smoothies—Tangerine can be used in any recipe calling for citrus fruits.

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