NFC Apple Juice

NFC Apple Juice is one of the most popular fruit juices in the world.

During the pressing and manufacturing process,all skin, pips and cells of the fruit are removed.The final result is the perfect blending material for the beverage and baby food industries, making products instantly sweeter. NFC Apple Juice is supplied in cloudy form, pasteurized to provide longer shelf life.

NFC Pomegranate Juice

Meykon’sNFC Pomegranate Juice is obtained from pomegranates of the Punica Granatum tree.The seeds are hard on the inside and the head is covered by a juicy red or pink acid pulp. Our NFC Pomegranate Juice tastes on the bitter side, is darker in colour and contains higher polyphenols compared to pink pomegranates.

NFC Pomegranate Juice is processed in a state-of-the-art decanter system and pasteurized by flash heating immediately after squeezing the fruit – without removing the water content from the juice. NFC is never concentrated and can be stored frozen or chilled for at least a year.

NFC Orange Juice

Meykon’s NFC Orange Juice is a product of Washington Navaloranges.

The oranges are collected fresh from the plantations 50km around Meykon’s main facilities and freshly squeezed in season. The product is then stored in drums, frozen until the shipment. 11BX is standard for this pulpy product. It can also be shipped with no pulp.

NFC is never concentrated and can be stored frozen or chilled for at least a year.

NFC Lemon Juice

Antalya, the home of Meykon’s facility,enjoys sun and climate conditions that are optimal for lemons to be planted, grown and harvested. So we provide optimal product on project basis for NFC Lemon Juice.

NFC Tart Cherry Juice

Turkey is known for the Montmorency cherries found all around the western part of the country.

Meykon works with local plantations to provide creme de la creme cherries for its partners. Cherries are known for their benefits and exhibit positive effects on human health.

  • 13 BX - 15 BX

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