Apple Juice Concentrate

“An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.”

Packed with nature’s finest nutrients, Meykon’s fresh, locally grown and tasty Apple Juice Concentrate is rich in vitamins and has thousands of possible applications. Whether you’re producing homemade recipes or industrial food products, we’re happy to supply the quantity you need to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

We take pride in producing an excellent product with low acidity. Perhaps that’s why it’s a constant best seller!

  • 70 BX
  • Low acidity (1.1%-1.7%)
  • Medium acidity (1.7%-2.1%)
  • *Organic available

Deionized Apple Juice Concentrate

Known for their sweet taste and high nutrition values, deionized apples are key to a healthy lifestyle. That’s why consumers always focus on quality.

Deionized Apple Juice Concentrate is essentially the pure and natural sugar of the fruit, giving you the freedom and flexibility to use it as you need. Sweet!

  • 70 BX
  • *Organic available

Pomegranate Juice Concentrate

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties found in pomegranate make this fruit extra special. In fact, it’s recently been proven that – thanks to its medicinal properties – the addition of Pomegranate Concentrate to other juice concentrates improves the overall properties of the juice.

Our Pomegranate Juice Concentrate is suitable for fruit drinks, food industrial applications, confectionery, dairy products, ice creams, soft drinks, prepared meals, jams and syrups.

  • 65 BX
  • *Organic available

Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate

Meykon’s top class Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate is produced with fresh cherries during peak season. Rich in calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, phosphorus, folates, and potassium, it also aids a good night’s sleep thanks to its high melatonin content.

Cherries are known for combatting Alzheimer’s disease and cardiovascular diseases. They also reduce inflammation, discourage diabetes, and reduce the risk of cancer, stroke and hypertension.

  • 65 BX

Orange Juice Concentrate

Meykon´s Orange Juice Concentrate is produced from the Naval variety, which are famous for their freshness and rich properties. To guarantee a high-quality product, we process oranges only in peak season. Orange Juice Concentrate with different quantities and pulp ratios available all the year.

  • 65 BX
  • Pulp content: 3% - 11%

Apricot Juice Concentrate

Apricot Juice Concentrate is mainly used in beverages and the bakery industry to increase the viscosity and sweetness of products.Only freshly harvested products are used to produce our Apricot Juice Concentrate. Available at limited capacities.

  • 65 BX

Lemon Juice Concentrate

Choose from a clear or pulpy form, knowing that only the best lemons are accepted from the harvest. At our world-class processing facility, modern technologies produce the concentrate while maintaining the fruit’s properties.

Lemon Juice Concentrate provides a great, distinctive flavour and the colour of single strength lemon juice.It is suitable for many applications, including as a stabilizer in food products.

  • 44 BX to 55 BX
  • Acidity: 28% - 40%

Strawberry Juice Concentrate

An on-trend product specifically for the bakery and beverages industries, Strawberry Concentrate is ideal for soft drinks, beverages and, by dilution with water, for carbonated drinks.

  • 65 BX

Peach Juice Concentrate

Used around the world, Peach Juice Concentrate provides stability and viscosity to beverages.Available at limited capacities, Peach Juice Concentrate is a project-based product.

  • 65 BX

Orange Carrot Juice Concentrate

High-quality juice from raw carrots grown to stringent standards, Orange Carrot Juice Concentrate is the perfect addition to your ingredients profile and is a staple of health-conscious consumers.

Available year around, Orange Carrot Juice Concentrate is a great match for veggie juice mixes, providing superb flavours and valuable vitamin A (through beta-carotene) content.

  • 42 BX - 55 BX
  • Beta-carotene 1%

Grape Juice Concentrate

White Grape Concentrate is made with grape varieties from different origins. When the grapes are elaborated, the seeds and skin are extracted to get an excellent clear juice. This is then concentrated to obtain White Grape Concentrate.

It can be used in fruit beverages, food industrial applications, bakery and dairy products, ice cream, soft drinks/drinks, ready meals, jams and syrups. Its colour, taste and flavour are typical of fresh white grapes.

This is a project-based product with limited availability.

  • 65 BX

Grapefruit Juice Concentrate

From our base on the Mediterranean shore, we are blessed with some of the world’s best citrus fruits – including delicious grapefruits.

Pink grapefruit has very few calories and is often used in diets. It is a semi-sweet fruit, making Pink Grapefruit Juice Concentrate ideal to enhance any kind of beverage product, especially refreshments.

Grapefruit Juice Concentrate is available for limited amounts for global markets.

  • 65 BX
  • Pink colour

Black Carrot Juice Concentrate

Designed to meet the demand for colouring materials from natural and organic products, Black Carrot Juice Concentrate provides superb red and derivative colours. Mainly used in beverage and confectionery purposes, it provides consistent and homogeneous applications of the colour throughout the final product.

  • 57 BX - 65 BX
  • 0 - 100 NTU
  • 2.5 CU - 12 CU

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