In Mediterranean and Central Anatolia, we are blessed with rich fruit variations. Enjoy new and innovative ideas, while standardizing and streamlining your operations, with our range of blends and compounds. From our thriving plantations to our health-conscious blends, we’re here to help you boost your market share and sales with the very latest trends.

Functional blends

As we face significant changes in how we source and consume our food, healthy living is a key global focus. Functional diets and superfoods such as berries, cherries and pomegranates are crucial.

The wide variety of our product applications means you can offer the optimal end product for the current situation and mood of your customer.

With sustainability in mind, Meykon offers three specific functional blends:

Blends with probiotics

Specifically developed and crafted to increase your body’s metabolic activity.

Blends for detox

Active ingredients and antioxidant-rich superfoods, such as berries and greens, help to remove free radicals.

Fiber-rich blends

Our vegan smoothie blends are based on nutritional daily intake values.

MPower (M++) blends

Our lives are busier than ever, so we constantly seek out more efficient and effective products that free up and maximize our leisure time.

Choose Meykon for a range of products that target the unique needs of the customer packed with ingredients to deliver demonstrable results.

Protein-rich blends

Fortified with a plant-based protein mix to provide varying amounts of daily recommended intakes.

Electrolyte-rich blends

Ensure the proper functioning of your body, especially enzymes, with our specially-formulated blends.

Immunity blends

Taking vitamins is now common all-year round. These blends are packed with ingredients to improve health and strength immune systems.

Improve the body through natural sources thanks to our all-vegan blends designed to boosted the immune system.

Conventional blends

Increasing awareness of healthy living is driving a surge in organic, vegan, gluten and lactose free products. Simple and less processed foods are becoming the new normal. So using local and fresh ingredients is the only sensible choice.

From apple to pomegranate, citrus, cherry and carrot varieties, our standardized blends ensure optimal taste in your final products. Choose Meykon for simplified operations, on-trend blends and a wide selection of fruits.


From standard concentrates and individual recipes, to organic and high acidity concentrates, Meykon has you covered.

Not-from-concentrate (NFC) blends

Our NFC blends only contain high-quality, locally sourced fruits, vitamins and mineral fortifiers – for all of the body’s daily nutritional intake.

Sweeteners from fruits

Removing refined sugar from our lives is a key target, but our body still needs energy. Let us sweeten your products with fruit-based ingredients.

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